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Common Philippines Outsourcing BPO Tasks and Labor Rates

Outsource Task-Based BPO Staff Leasing Prices:

The following Back Office tasks can easily be outsourced. Below is the minimum labor rate per month for a full time employee who works a standard 40 hour work week. Call us when you are thinking of hiring an Outsourced:

Virtual Administrative Assistant
from $999 Per Month

Virtual Family Assistant
from $799 Per Month

Web Site Live Help Support Rep
from $999 Per Month

Creative Content Writer
from $999 Per Month

Proof Reader
from $899 Per Month

Data Entry Clerk
from $899 Per Month

Book Keeper
from $999 Per Month

from $1499 Per Month

from $1299 Per Month

from $999 Per Month

Quality Assurance and Data Entry Agents
from $799 Per Month

RPO Staff
from $1295 Per Month

Currency Converter Daily Rates

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Use your imagination!  Can you think of more outsourced tasks that can be performed remotely? Let us know! We would love to be able to offer you new services.

To receive your free consultation, please Contact PI Outsource Today.

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