USANA Philippines: Same Scam as USANA USA

Don't be taken advantage of by a new multi-level marketing opportunity. If you are thinking about joining USANA, do your research.

I guarantee you will hear these words from yo from the little sweet old white lady from America at your USANA meeting: "Don't let this opportunity pass you by, it's gonna be huge",. Don't let them fool you. Don't waste your time. Buy cheaper vitamins elsewhere and keep your initial startup fee.

USANA matches all the criteria of a multi-level marketing scam. 3% of the people who join these programs ever make money.  Sure, your USANA upline will tell you that you are the "magical, great person, who is exactly the perfect description of the perfect person who will succeed with USANA"
I call bullshit.

Please read this article:

Do what you want, but do not say I did not tell you so! Don't  let USANA sell you false hope.  Start your own business!

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